Shiny Golem Pokemon Go


Shiny Golem Pokemon Go

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The term Shiny Pokémon was first used in-game in Pokémon Black and White in Nimbasa City. There's only one color variant per Pokémon. Some variants are obvious, like Shiny Gyarados is red instead of blue. Others are more subtle, like Shiny Bulbasaur or Squirtle, which are the same color but slightly differents shades.

Golem reappeared in a flashback in Charizard Chills. A Golem appeared in The Battle of the Badge, under the ownership of Giovanni. It was used in his battle against Gary, where it was easily defeated by Nidoking. A Golem appeared in The Wayward Wobbuffet, under the ownership of Goneff. He uses it for his bank robberies.

When Golem grow old, they stop shedding their shells. Those that have lived a long, long time have shells green with moss. Ultra Moon: It detonates its own body. The power from that explosion can propel it up steep mountain paths with amazing speed. Let's Go Pikachu Let's Go Eevee: Once it sheds its skin, its body turns tender and whitish.

Golem is a Tier 4 Raid Boss in Pokemon GO, with Boss CP of 31291. Golem is a Rock Ground type, with double weakness to Water and Grass.. Golem can be captured from raids with the following CP values: 1608 - 1685 CP at Level 20, with perfect IV score 2010 - 2106 CP at Level 25, boosted by Partly Cloudy or Sunny weather, with perfect IV score

Golem (Alola Form) is a Rock & Electric Pokémon which evolves from Graveler. It is vulnerable to Ground, Fighting, Water and Grass moves. Golem's strongest moveset is Rock Throw & Wild Charge and it has a Max CP of 2,949.

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